Wesleyan Academy, as a Christian community of faith, promotes an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through a personal experience of salvation. The Gospel message is accentuated in every area of the school; all subject classes emphasize Christian values and beliefs and different activities serve to enrich the experience.



Some of the different opportunities for students to grow spiritually in their walk with the Lord are:


  • Retreats for grades 4th -12th


  • Mission Trips outside of Puerto Rico


  • Rural Missionary Projects on the island


  • A Chapel service at the beginning of every 6-day cycle


  • A Chaplain program to build up those students who desire to serve God and their school


  • A Discipleship program as an elective


  • A service requisite for graduation impacting disadvantaged populations


  • Spiritual Emphasis Weeks for students in grades 1-12.





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Spiritual Life

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Ricardo Rdgz Concert (22).JPG
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Ricardo Rdgz Concert (2).JPG

Missions Trip - 2013

Missions Trip - 2014