From Wesleyan Academy to the Salvation Army

I graduated from the "Academia Wesleyana" ten years ago (Class of 2005). The academic preparation that I received has seen me through one BA in Psychology, an associates degree in Christian Education and soon, a masters in Business Administration. The most important impact that this amazing school had in my life, was that I met Christ in the hallways of this institution. I met brothers and sisters in my classmates, and I found long lasting mentors in the teachers, some of whom I still keep in contact with. I was so blessed and lucky to have been able to spend my formative years at this academy, and every time that I get a chance to go back to "La Isla del Encanto", I visit my beloved academy. I am forever thankful to all who taught me, all who cared for me after school, all who disciplined me into the man I am today. I pray that the Christ-centered ministry that saved my life is still the focus of the everyday life that surrounds each student, faculty and staff. From New York with love. An Eagle Forever! Josue (Chile).

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