High School Curriculum


As a college-prep Academy, instruction is offered in English except for Spanish class and Puerto Rico History in 7th and 12th grades. To those qualified students whose first language is not Spanish, we offer Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) class. Our curriculum, consistent with scriptural values and principles, includes:


• Modern technology & other resources

• Curricular and extra-curricular activities

• Activities that encourage academic excellence and spiritual development

• Other classes include Art, Music, Handwriting, Computer, Bible, Physical Education, among others


Seventh & Eighth Grades

  • Pre-Algebra/Algebra I                               

  • English

  • Social Studies                                             

  • Spanish/SSL

  • Physical Education                  

  • Bible/Chapel

  • Health                                                           

  • Computer

  • Music                                                            

  • Science


Secondary Level

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*Electives vary from year to year and may include United Nations, Cine y Literatura, Creative Writing, Band, Yearbook, Environmental Science, Choir, Web Design, Art, Discipleship, Journalism, Ethics, Poetry, French, and (for 12th grade) PE.