As a college preparatory institution, Wesleyan Academy endeavors to meet the educational needs of its students in the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions of their lives. It strives to present a Christian worldview and democratic values in an environment of academic excellence and spiritual development.


Academic instruction is offered in English except for a limited number of classes. Spanish as a second language is offered to those students whose first language is not Spanish. The curriculum fully utilizes modern technology in a challenging learning environment where the students become resourceful and active, lifelong learners. Students are expected to attain a high level of competency in the subject matter and to be prepared with the foundation of the 21st century skills they will need for life in the real world. The school provides opportunities where students may develop their unique interests and abilities by participating in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities such as: Music, Art, Computer, Physical Education, Drama, Math Competitions, Writing Contests, Robotics, Spelling Bee, French, and others.





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